Introducing: Taskello

First up, if you don’t already know what Trello is, you need to go there and find out. We use it every day.

We were have a problem at mgnb software: we manage many projects for many clients using Trello, and often need to context shift between projects. Trello helps us collaborate and keep track of tasks within each project, but there is no way to create a single task list out of many Trello boards.

Enter: Taskello. I wrote it to provide a task list that you build out of Trello cards. You just log in, connect to your Trello account, and then you can drag cards from your Trello boards into your task list. When you’re done, just drag the card back into Trello.

It certainly needs a lot of work (we’re not completely happy with the workflow), but it fills the gap we had. Plus, it gave a nice test case for an no-backend app: Taskello is written in AngularJS and uses Firebase for data storage. Later I’ll write another post about some of the technical challenges